Cross Country

Victory AC takes part in The Hampshire Cross Country League (HCCL), The Southern Cross Country League (SCCL) and Cross Country Championships at County (Hampshire), South of England, English National and Masters (O-40)   

Contact the VAC XC Captains Belinda Harding (HCCL) and Michelle Jones (SCCL) or VAC Team Manager Marilyn Crocker either at a club night or via email for more information and to sign up to represent Victory AC at this season's Cross Country races. 

Hampshire Cross Country League (HCCL)

The Hampshire Cross Country League runs from October to February and comprises five Saturday afternoon fixtures in Hampshire and neighbouring counties. 

Clubs from Hampshire and surrounding counties pay a subscription of £50-£150 to join the league, depending on their participation in the previous season. All VAC members who are registered with England Athletics as competitive athletes are entitled to take part at no cost to individuals, though you may have to pay for parking at some venues. Meets for car sharing will be arranged for each fixture. You must run in club colours (vests available to borrow for new members).

The men's league has 3 divisions. VAC men are in Division 3, where only three finishers are needed for a team. (Five finishers are needed for a team in Divisions 1 and 2.) The women's, veteran women's and the veteran men's leagues only have one division. The first three VAC finishers of any age score for our men's and women's teams. The first three O-40 VAC finishers score for our veteran men's and women's teams. While three is the minimum for club teams, it would be great to see a big turnout at these fixtures. The races are great training runs, excellent sharpeners for whatever distance or event you are training for.  

Women's races are 6k (<4 miles) and start at 13:35.
Men's races are 9-10k (~6 miles) and start at 14:30.
More information, full timetable and results are available on the Hampshire Athletics website

Hampshire Cross Country League (HCCL) 2021/22 Fixtures

Saturday 13th November 2021
King's Park, Bournemouth hosted by Bournemouth A.C. 

Saturday 4th December 2021
Wellesley Woodlands, Aldershot hosted by Aldershot, Farnham & District A.C

Saturday 15th January 2022
Prospect Park, Reading hosted by Reading A.C.

Saturday 19th February 2022
Sparsholt College, Winchester hosted by Winchester & District A.C

Saturday 19th March 2022
Popham Airfield, Basingstoke hosted by Basingstoke and Mid Hants A.C.

HCCL Fixtures 2021-2022 (.pdf file for you to download and print)

Hampshire Cross Country League (HCCL) 2019/20 Fixtures

Saturday 12th October 2019
King's Park, Bournemouth hosted by Bournemouth A.C. 

Results -

Chris James: 46:58 (214th)
Andrew Wright: 49:02 (225th / 108th Vet)
Graham Foden: 55:00 (235th / 118th Vet)

Lisa Slight: 34:38 (157th / 63rd Vet)
Amber Ankinson: 35:15 (163rd)
Michelle Jones: 35:39 (166th / 70th Vet)
Marie Mitchinson: 35:43 (167th)
Marilyn Crocker: 43:22 (187th / 86th Vet)



Saturday 9th November 2019
Sparsholt College, Winchester hosted by Winchester & District A.C

Results - 

Men - 
Matt Suter: 40:20 (162nd)
Andrew Wright: 48:13 (264th / 117th Vet)
Graham Foden: 54:15 (288th / 139th Vet) 
Peter Beachill: 60:39 (294th / 144th Vet) 

Women - 
Marie Mitchinson: 41:28 (186th)
Michelle Jones: 43:08 (194th / 82nd Vet)
Kerry Adaway: 47:04 (208th)
Marilyn Crocker: 52:23 (217th / 101st Vet) 

Saturday 30th November 2019
Wellesley Woodlands, Aldershot hosted by Aldershot, Farnham & District A.C

Results -

Andrew Wright: 48:58 (242nd / 108th Vet)
Peter Beachill: 60:35 (267th / 131rd Vet)

Marie Mitchinson: 37:03 (148th)
Michelle Jones: 38:49 (154th)
Marilyn Crocker: 46:39 (164th / 82nd Vet)

Aldershot XC

Hampshire Athletics Cross-Country Championships
Saturday 4th January 2020, Fairthorne Manor

Results -

Paul Mitchinson: 47:02 (57th)
Gary Heather: 74:29 (169th)
Peter Beachill: 77:45 (170th)

Amber Ankinson: 49:13 (89th)
Marie Mitchinson: 50:48 (93rd)
Michelle Jones: 53:18 (99th)
Marilyn Crocker: 61:36 (108th)

FM_Cross Country

Saturday 11th January 2020
Prospect Park, Reading hosted by Reading A.C.

Saturday 8th February 2020
Popham Airfield, Basingstoke hosted by Basingstoke and Mid Hants A.C.

Timetable for Season 2018/19 (showing race times and maximum course distance)

1200    Under 13 Girls    3.0km
1215    Under 13 Boys    3.0km 
1230    Under 15 Girls    4.0km 
1250    Under 15 Boys    4.0km 
1305    Under 17 Women    4.0km
1335    Senior Women    6.0km  (including Veteran and Under 20 Women) 
1410    Under 17 Men    6.0km 
1430    Senior Men    10.0km  (including Veteran and Under 20 Men)

Southern Cross Country League (SCCL)
The Southern Cross Country League consists of 23 clubs in or near Hampshire who compete in 6-7 events (hosted by different member clubs) which are held at various locations around the area between October and March. 

The events are aimed at average club runners and designed to be competitive in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. There is a speed limit - faster runners are excluded! We hope for a big club turnout and to do well in the league.  

A club team is the first five men and the first three women. Their finishing positions are added to give the club score.

Races are approx 5m. All races start at 11am and entry is free for participants - as it's paid for by the club! 

Visit the Southern Cross Country League (SCCL) website for more details, including league table, results and rules

Southern Cross Country League 2019/20 Fixtures

Sun 27th Oct 2019:  Pamber Forest (Near Tadley) Hosted by Basingstoke & MH AC 

Results - 

21st: Jo Gilholm
106th: Helen Boiling
123rd: Marie Mitchinson
158th: Lisa Slight
159th: Amber Ankinson
164th: Michelle Jones
168th: Rachel Jarvis
173rd: Nicola Stott
192nd: Raman Sangha
200th: Marilyn Crocker

9th: Paul Mitchinson
119th: Dave Williams
136th: Daniel Bailey
150th:  Chris James
190th: Darren Munday
216th: Ali McNiff
221st: Mark Cooter
240th: Graham Foden
246th: Will Hahn
260th: John Cowlin
274th: Peter Beachill
275th: Malcolm Hagan
286th: Derek Chandler


Sun 10th Nov 2019:  Queen Elizabeth Country Park Hosted by Portsmouth Joggers Club

Results - 

Ladies -  
28th - Jo Gilholm
47th - Sarah Swift
109th - Helen Boiling
129th - Amber Ankinson
147th - Rachel Burton
164th - Rachel Jarvis
167th - Michelle Jones
170th - Nicola Stott
201st - Marilyn Crocker
215th Mary Short
216th - Tracy Long

Men - 
9th - Daniel Bailey
10th - Paul Mitchinson
105th - Dave Williams
118th - Peter Burns
160th - Chris James
161st - Darren Knight
183rd - Andrew Wright
198th - Terry Healy
203rd - Darren Munday
205th - Ali Mcniff
222nd - John Cowlin
247th - John Pymont
254th - Tony Hoskinson
265th - Shane Lewis
269th - Kevin Leighfield
273rd - Peter Beachill


Sun 8th Dec 2019:  The Bourne Woods Hosted by Farnham Runners

Results -

Ladies -
20th - Jo Gilholm
23rd - Sarah Swift
50th - Daveena Tweed
92nd - Helen Boiling

105th - Marie Mitchinson
128th - Michelle Jones
146th - Rachel Jarvis
161st - Raman Sangha
171st - Marilyn Crocker

Men -
3rd - Paul Mitchinson
101st - Dave Williams
110th - Chris James
172nd - Terry Healy

180th - Mark Cooter
196th - John Cowlin
206th - Graham Foden
218th - Kevin Leighfield
233rd - Peter Beachill


Sun 29th Dec 2019:   Lord Wandsworth College Hosted by Hart Road Runners

Results -

Ladies -
23rd - Sarah Swift
34th - Jo Gilholm
89th - Helen Boiling
99th - Amber Ankinson
117th - Eve Filmer
126th - Michelle Jones
128th - Rachel Burton
157th - Marilyn Crocker

Men -
6th - Paul Mitchinson
124th - Owen Jones
152nd - Darren Knight
167th - Graham Filmer
199th - Terry Healy
207th - Ali McNiff
208th - Ian Stott
235th - John Cowlin
246th - Malcolm Hagan
249th - Peter Beachill

Lord Wandsworth_XC

Sunday 19th Jan 2020;  Chawton House Hosted by Alton Runners

Report -

Results -

Ladies -
21st - Jo Gilholm
27th - Sarah Swift
53rd - Daveena Tweed
92nd - Helen Boiling
149th - Marie Mitchinson
151st - Rachel Burton
159th - Nicola Stott
164th - Rachel Jarvis
188th - Marilyn Cocker
189th - Raman Sangha
198th - Michelle Jones

Men -
9th - Paul Mitchinson
52nd - Owen Jones
53rd - Daniel Bailey
103rd - Dave Williams
118th - Carl Jarmaine
214th - Terry Healy
219th - Mark Cooter
230th - John Cowlin
233rd - Graham Foden
234th - Peter Harding
253rd - Gary Heather
262nd - Peter Beachill
267th - Malcolm Hagan
277th - Kevin Leighfield

Chawton XC

Sunday 9th Feb 2020;  Alice Holt Hosted by Farnham Runners

Report -

Results -

Ladies -
24th - Jo Gilholm
71st - Helen Boiling
100th - Rachel Burton
106th - Rachel Jarvis
107th - Michelle Jones
129th - Raman Sangha
133rd - Marilyn Crocker

Men -
7th - Paul Mitchinson
65th - Daniel Bailey
91st - Dave Williams
121st - Chris James
151st - Graham Filmer
159th - Terry Healy
174th - Mark Cooter
188th - Gary Heather
196th - Graham Foden

SCCL 2020 Alice Holt

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